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          餐饮业 (Parent Mail)

          Whether your child is entering the school environment for the first time or starting another year, you will need reassurance on a variety of matters, not least the school’s catering service.

          This year we have entered into a contract with Aspens Services Ltd who are working in partnership the school to provide a high quality catering service to the staff and students.

          Aspens Services Ltd when compiling the menus look to provide your child with foods and cooking styles that they hope they all enjoy.  They actively seek the opinions of students. 

          Should you child have a specific dietary requirement then we will do our utmost to meet that need.

          Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, Aspens provides nutritious, flexible and delicious menus.  The chefs are dedicated to providing innovate and original dishes ranging from salads, traditional roasts and seasonal vegetables right through to exotic and exciting Asian cuisine.

          The school provide a break time service as well as a full meal service at lunch time.

          Each day there is a 'meal deal' which consists of a hot meal, a bottle of water and a dessert for £2.10. There is also a range of sandwiches, pasta pots, baguettes, desserts and drinks.

          The school currently holds the Healthy Schools Gold Standard.

          Aspens Services Ltd offer a 3 week menu cycle that is changed to reflect the terms of Winter, Spring and Summer.  All dishes are freshly cooked on site, using local produce where possible.

          Should your Son/Daughter have any form of allergy then please advise the 餐饮业 Manager.

          Methods of payment available

          Cash Loader: 4 cash loaders are situated within the school. The process of how to load money onto the students’ card will form part of their induction process.

          父母 can also pay using the secure payment facilites offered by Parent Mail, you will receive details of how to access this site, but for further information please contact the school finance office.

          Alternatively, cheques can be made payable to ‘Aspens Services Ltd’ and posted in the Student Mail Box situated at the student reception. Students need to post the envelope before the start of the school day to ensure that the amount of money is credited on their card for the break/lunch time period of that day.

          Important Information

          If your child is entitled to free school meals then please contact the school to ensure that the necessary credits are on their student card ready for use. If you want to know more about free school meals please contact the School Business Director who will provide you with all the information that you need.

          Mrs J Straw

          School Business Director

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