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          应用 are welcomed to the Minster School for places in year 7, the 6th form and for the Junior School.  We encourage parents of prospective main school or 6th form students to visit the school on one of our scheduled visit afternoons.  Families interested in visiting the 初中 should contact the school to arrange an individual visit - details below.

          The school is fortunate to be oversubscribed but there are often places available for 6th form study and we admit to the junior school and year 7 on an annual basis. W这里 possible we will admit students to join us.  We look forward to supporting every student new to the school to realise their potential and to grow as an individual, both academically and through the exploration of our school ethos, developing their beliefs, values and skills.

          As a Church of England Academy the Trust (MITRE) is responsible for school admissions.  招生 arrangements have been agreed for the academic year 2020-21 and for the academic year 2021-22. 

          招生 details are  available below and also form the Nottinghamshire County Council - www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/education/school-admissions

          Each year 55 places are reserved for children of families who regularly worship as part of a Church of England congregation.  应用 for these places are very often successful and many children with these church places come from beyond our normal catchment. 

          If you have any enquiry with regard to admission please do not hesitate to make contact with our 招生 Officer, Mrs Linda Hallam, l.hallam@minster.notts.sch.uk 


          There are usually more people wanting their child to come to come to the Minster School at the beginning of year 7 than t这里 are places available. When this happens the Governing Body applies the over-subscription criteria which are included in the year 7 admissions arrangements document.

          应用 are made via the Local Authority (Notts. County Council) who co-ordinate admissions for all schools and academies in Nottinghamshire. You can find out more about the c邻统筹方案 这里 on the Notts. County Council website.

          In order to apply the over-subscription criteria, the Governing Body of the Minster School requires additional information, and parents fill in a supplementary Information form 可以在下面找到。

          应用 can be made for other year groups and are occasionally awarded if t这里 are places available at that time. A waiting list of those who have applied is also kept should a place become available at a later date. This list is ranked according to our over-subscription criteria.


           初中 applications 

          Visit the 初中 Admissions page to find out more about applying or contact Linda Hallam (招生 Officer) for more details l.hallam@minster.notts.sch.uk



          When a parent or carer seeks a place in a state school and this is refused, t这里 is a right to appeal against the decision to an independent appeals panel.

          Details of the appeals process are outlined as follows:


          Nottinghamshire's Annual 会诊 on Admission Arrangements

          Every year, at the Autumn term governing body meeting, an important agenda item is the consultation about the admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools.  The current consultation for admissions arrangements for entry to the school  in September 2021 is now closed.  

          PLEASE NOTE: Application to Vary our 2021/22 Admission arrangements.


          Due to the temporary closure of Churches and other places of worship during the Covid19 Lockdown, (which has impacted on our normal process for verifying church attendance/faith commitment as specified in our admission arrangements), the MITRE Trust, as our admissions authority, has applied for a variation to our 2021/22 admission arrangements. 


          Once we have received confirmation of the proposed variation from the Office of the Schools Adjudicator we will then be able to upload our revised 2021/22 admission arrangements and Supplementary Information Form to our website.  In the meantime please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 


          Please contact the Trust admissions officer l.hallam@minster.notts.sch.uk if you need to discuss this matter further.

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